More than a simple music festival, let yourself be tempted by the GAROROCK experience!


Music everywhere, all the time, wherever you are, and adapted to the time of the day.

Garorock is a music. A music score repeated for more than 20 years. The line-up is renewed every year to suit the changing audience. The punk music from the early phase is now giving way to electro and rap, but music diversity is never forgotten.

What gives life and makes the GARO dance is certainly this music love shared thanks to the 2 main stages. Including the Deezer Garoclub!! This is a real arena encircled by containers where the artists of tomorrow are playing and at night: it is electro time!

Finally, for the pleasure of the 25 000 campers, let the morning concerts wake you up and during the day be ready for a crazy program!


Year after year, the camping is growing with you. There many stories began, it hosts your unforgettable moments and is the theatre of your adventures in Marmande.

The camping will be your best friend for these 4 days of intense celebration. The 20 hectares of the Plaine de la Filhole will be the place where you will rest and where you will continue to have fun after the end of the concerts.

The camping condenses the essence of our values. A unique place that ensures your safety and your comfort. This is the lively space of the festival where you will gather for an “apérooooo” with your neighbour. Neighbour that you just met 2 hours ago in front of the scene and found again after 2 hours next to the football field!

The GARO’s camping is like a small village. Some say “a festival within the festival” where there are many sport and fun activities, a live stage for musical and humorous performance, food stands…

Such as a real village, to improve itself and suits your expectations it needs investment and new infrastructure to ensure you the best experience. Our community is growing and it needs too. In 2019, we have only one goal: to make your experience in this green oasis even more unforgettable. There will be finally more showers, more toilets and more music to make your stay at the GAROROCK a unique time!


Travel beyond the musical borders

From its beginning, GAROROCK has only one goal: gather and create an event dedicated to it festival-goers. Each year there are growing numbers of stands and possibilities of entertainment. From the well-known Garofoot to the Garopétanque, it is so easy to have fun with your friends at the GAROROCK. From the camping to the stages: there is something for every taste!! Concerts and entertainment are waiting for you. For thrill seekers, go for the unforgettable skydiving and zip line simulator, for fun try the bumper cars and for the most courageous there is a ghost train.


Diversity, specialities and local workers: these are our key words

Two catering areas next to the stages and a new restaurant within the camping are waiting for you. Being at a festival does not mean putting aside your culinary envy and pleasure. We are aware that a good meal is the key to fully enjoy your experience. That is why we offer you 400 tables and 800 benches for your meal times.

On the menu: sweet, salty, vegetarian or vegan food. In order to satisfy all your pleasures we invite you to take a culinary trip: Sicilian, Argentinian, Italian, American, Greek or Moroccan food…

Stick to what you know by degusting the Garoburger. For the fifth year, it is back at the camping! This burger is composed of regional products and has been imagined for the festival by the Garonne’s farms. Bon appétit! !


Let's improve together our ecological footprint!

In an era where environmental issues are paramount, festivals have their role to play. That is why every year, at the Garo, we try to improve our ecological footprint.

Every aspects of the festival have been thank to be less energy demanding and includes a social dimension. During the festival, we promote awareness on food waste with composting units and we recuperate food for the Resto du Coeur. As usual, we focus as well on the upgrade of the waste oil and on the sustainability water management. We have local partnerships to encourage the use of public transport, carpooling, festival shuttle and train.

Moreover, as we want to be more ambitious, this year we set ourselves a target of 20% of recycled waste. We are counting on the establishment of waste disposal site as voluntary, plastic recycling bins, and a trained and dedicated waste sorting team.