Garorock - Plaine de la Filhole - 47200 Marmande
  • Train

    There is a train station in Marmande. It is situated in the city center and on the axis Bordeaux-Toulouse, about 10 minutes walk from the entrance to the festival!

  • Car

    Via A62, 3 highway exits are available:
    Exit n°4 La Réole / Exit n°5 Marmande / Exit n°6 Aiguillon
    For a better traffic flow, use in priority the exits La Réole and Aiguillon

    Via A10, do not hesitate to use alternative itinerary by Libourne and following Toulouse. Listen to VINCI Autoroute Radio (107.7) and read information diffused by ASF during your journey.


    • Agen : 40mn
    • Angoulême : 2h15
    • Bayonne : 2h20
    • Bordeaux : 1h
    • Limoges : 3h15
    • Montpellier : 3h40
    • Nantes : 4h
    • Paris : 6h
    • Pau : 1h30
    • Perigueux : 1h40
    • Poitiers : 3h15
    • Toulouse : 1h40

  • Avion

    Whether you come alone or with your family. Whether you are visiting or working, the airport is the gateway to the Périgord. Bergerac airport is less than an hour's drive from the Garorock festival. Take advantage of your local airport to discover the best festival in France.
    Bergerac Dordogne Périgord airport offers 13 regular flights to discover Europe.
    Find all the destinations on the airport's website:

    Next to Marmande, there is also airports in Bordeaux, Toulouse and Agen.