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Prevention at the heart of Garorock! The festival is committed to welcoming prevention structures, where you can get information and pick up material !

The prevention teams will be out and about every day (maybe we'll come and say hello ourselves), at 3 different sites :
- outside the festival at the entrance (24 hours a day)
- in the heart of the campsite from 10am to 2am at the Info/Prevention Point
- in the concert area at the Info/Prevention Point (located between the Wonderland and Garonne stages)

Prevention for what ? Our speakers are here to talk to you, according to your needs and wishes, about health issues in the party environment : drug use, emotional and sexual life, road safety and amplified music. Open-minded, caring speakers trained in these subjects will be there to welcome you, with activities and games to play !

You'll also be able to pick up free prevention and risk-reduction tools : breathalysers, condoms, internal condoms (known as ‘female’ condoms), lubricants, earplugs, children's ear muffs, rouletapaille, rouletoncar, etc).
This year, we have been obliged to offer protective lenses (caps, lids, glass bonnets) only at cost price (no profit is made on this sale).

The organisations present were Addictions France, the Agence Régionale de Santé, Avenir Santé, CEID, the Prefecture's Intervenants Départementaux en Sécurité Routière (IDSR), Planning Familial and the Val de Garonne conurbation.

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Avenir Santé

Avenir Santé runs a prevention area on the various health issues relating to the party scene, with young speakers and fun activities !
You can pick up noise-cancelling headphones for children on our site in the concert area (free loan during the evening against deposit).

The Prefecture's Prevention Team

The prefecture's prevention team offers information on the risks associated with the use of psychoactive substances, as well as a 24-hour listening and entertainment service. Drivers returning home can also take an alcohol screening test using an electronic breathalyser.

Planning Familial

Planning Familial will be running a ‘Ton plan à Toi’ stand from 1pm to 6pm in the camping area. The programme includes information and fun workshops on the themes of sexuality (pleasure, contraception, STIs, abortion, etc.) and violence (harassment, sexist, sexual and domestic violence, etc.). You can come and talk to us, test your knowledge, take part in our activities and pick up condoms and other prevention materials free of charge.

Listening point

We also offer a listening, information and guidance point for people who would like it. Trained staff welcome you to our ‘Safe-place’, particularly in cases of gender-based and/or sexual violence.

Association Addictions France

Prevention, training, harm reduction, support and care. All addictions, with or without substances : tobacco, alcohol, cannabis, games, screens, etc.

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