Festival & Disabilities

Registrations for PSH/PRM reception closed

Are you a person with a disability ?
You'll find below details of the facilities that the GAROROCK team has put in place to make it easier for you to access the festival and enjoy the Garorock Experience.


Facilities and services available


A team of volunteers and professionals from the care and social support professions (educators, nurses, etc.) are on hand to welcome, inform and guide people with disabilities before and during the festival.

A dedicated car park

The PSH car park at the gates of the festival is accessible to all holders of the priority parking card or the special badge issued by the "Festival et Handicaps" department on request and with medical justification.
For authorized vehicles, access is via the bridge in rue de la Cale. Before accessing the bridge, you will need to show your priority parking card or your "Festival et Handicaps" badge :
- At the security checkpoint at the Lestang crossroads
- To the security guard supervising access to this car park.

WARNING Festival et Handicaps" car parks subject to availability.

ACCESS INFO : the suspension bridge (main entrance to the town) is closed to traffic during the festival.

Festival & Disabled Shuttles

A special shuttle will take you from the PSH car park to the festival concert site. An adapted vehicle will run continuously during the opening hours of the concert area.

Festival & Handicap Podiums

2 raised podiums will be accessible to people with disabilities opposite the stages. Access to these platforms is strictly reserved for people with disabilities. The person accessing this platform may be accompanied by one person only, who must also be accredited.

Adapted toilets and showers

Adapted toilets and showers are available at the campsite, as well as adapted toilets in each of the concert area's sanitary areas.

Specific facilities on the site

Your comfort is important to us, which is why we are proposing improvements to make your life easier :

Care areas

Two tents in the car park and concert area will give you privacy if you need it (for treatment or to change clothes). There are refrigerators for storing your medicines. Chairs, water fountains, earplugs, survival blankets and recharging points for wheelchairs are also available.

Easier journeys

Easy access to the concert site catering area and some of the bars on the main stage.

A dedicated area on the campsite will enable you to sleep on site.

An area reserved for PSH is available on the campsite, close to the campsite management. It is equipped with a toilet and an adapted shower nearby.


Vibrating waistcoats (on loan free of charge)

This year we wanted to pave the way for a unique sound experience and make sound culture accessible to everyone by offering you a technology that lets you listen to music while feeling the vibrations of the sounds. Aimed at all types of audience, the vibrating waistcoat provides an intensified musical experience.
It has been designed not only for the hearing impaired, but also for the visually impaired, people with reduced mobility and people with mental health problems such as autism and Alzheimer's.
Five waistcoats are available for loan, and you can ask the volunteers from the PSH department for one on the main stage at Garorock.
Don't hesitate to contact us at inclusion@garorock.com for more information.

How can you benefit from these services ?

WARNING You must be in possession of an entry ticket before arriving at Garorock !
Otherwise you'll have to go through the public ticket office, which won't make it any easier to get your ticket.

If you already have a disability card and a priority parking card :
All you have to do is take them with you, along with your festival ticket, and go to the dedicated entrance to the left of the Festival's public entrance.

If you do not have a vehicle :
Your disability card and entrance ticket will suffice, and a shuttle will take you from the "Festival et Handicaps" reception to the concert area.

You are a temporary PRM or PSH or you do not yet have a disability or parking card
Send an email with a medical certificate to inclusion@garorock.com.
We'll send you a 'Festivals et Handicaps' badge.

When you arrive on site, you'll be given an EASY PASS wristband so you can take advantage of Garorock's "Festivals et Handicaps" facilities.


No tickets on sale in the car park.
Tickets are only available in advance from garorock.com and all the usual sales outlets, as well as from the festival box office (at the Marmande tourist office or at the main entrance to the festival).

Those accompanying you must have a Festival ticket to enter the site with you.

If you have any questions or suggestions, don't hesitate to send an email to inclusion@garorock.com

Where can I find "FESTIVAL ET HANDICAPS" volunteers ?

Before and after the festival for information and improvements : inclusion@garorock.com

During the festival : at the "Festivals et Handicaps" reception desk and on the podiums.

With the support of the Malakoff Médéric Handicap Foundation.